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Natural product company news of the week

Natural product company news of the week
A roundup of announcements from natural product companies this week, including a new paleo muffin brand and two new brain health supplements from Suncoast Health Brands.

Vital Essentials' new line of freeze-dried snacks for dogs, VE RAW BAR, is made up of 11 flavors including Duck Feet, Turkey Tails and Rolled Salmon Skins.

More organic and vegan offerings are on the way from Just Desserts, which is debuting a line of organic cupcakes and a single-serve chocolate mini bundt cake at IDDBA in Houston.

Smart Beer, New York's first organic beer company, has introduced its second beer to market: a bold and refreshing Organic IPA.

Two new brain health supplements from Suncoast Health Brands leverage the power of Cognizin Citicoline to promote healthier brain activity. Citicoline is a compound that promotes the production of phosphatidylcholine (phospholipids), important for brain function.

Arla Foods Ingredients is promoting the possibilities presented by acid whey as part of a new campaign called Maximum Yield. Acid whey is a by-product of a number of popular dairy goods—most famously Greek yoghurt, but also a number of cheeses including cottage and cream cheeses. Traditionally companies have treated acid whey as waste. But when further processed, in combination with whey proteins, it offers enormous potential as the base for a range of dairy products.

Maker of instant ready paleo muffins, MuffinElse, announced its official debut at the Paleo f(x) expo in Austin, Texas. The single-serving packets are soy-, dairy- and grain-free, and each has 6 grams of protein.

Health Canada approved the following claims for Lallemand Health Solutions' Oralis SB, based on four randomized trials: “Helps promote dental health through the control of Streptococcus mutans growth and plaque formation when used twice daily.”

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