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Natural product company news of the week

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Natural product company news of the week
A roundup of announcements from natural product companies this week, including a new line from GoGo squeeZeand baby probiotics from Wellements.

GoGo squeeZe moves into a new snack category with a new shelf-stable squeezable yogurt made with real low fat yogurt and fruit. Each 3 oz. pouch delivers 4 grams of protein and 15 percent of the recommended daily value for calcium and vitamin D. It’s available in three flavors: Strawberry, Banana and Berry.

Following the success of Pure Gold Collagen in the UK and its introduction in ULTA Beauty stores in the U.S., Minerva Research Labs is expanding its American presence with the launch of its Pure Gold Collagen in Walgreens.

Biospringer launches Springer Organic Baker’s Yeast Extract, an organic baker’s yeast extract for applications to boost and enhance savory notes, including snacks, dressings, soups, sauces, gravies and vegetarian sauces.

To ease discomfort and gas while supplying healthy bacteria and promoting digestion, Wellements is launching a new product, Organic Grip Water with Probiotics for babies.

A partnership between Barry Callebaut and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative, covers an array of programs aimed at improving the livelihood of cocoa farmers and the sustainability for the cocoa sector, from farmer finance to gender and nutrition to landscape protection and crop diversification programs.

Archer Daniels Midland Company and GLG Life Tech Corporation announced a new partnership to manufacture, market, sell and distribute low-calorie stevia and monk fruit sweeteners to customers around the globe. GLG will produce an extensive array of low-calorie sweeteners made from stevia and monk fruit, while ADM will be the exclusive global marketer and distributor of those ingredients to food and beverage companies worldwide.

Health Canada has issued approvals to Monteloeder for the use of three claims in relation to Monteloeder’s suncare-from-within ingredient NutroxSun and five more linked to PLX, its sports nutrition bioactive. The three claims approved by Health Canada for NutroxSun are as follows: Helps to improve the skin’s response to small amounts of UV-induced oxidative stress; helps reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin elasticity; and provides antioxidants. The five claims authorized for PLX are: Helps with the management of joint discomfort due to sport injury; improves lipid profile; when taken by healthy persons in combination with regular exercise, helps decrease muscular (myoglobin) and hepatic (gamma-glutamyl transferase) damage markers; helps to increase the activity of antioxidant enzyme catalase (lymphocytes and erythrocytes) when combined with regular exercise; consumption helps increase the activity of glutathione-dependent antioxidant enzymes in erythrocytes when combined with regular exercise.

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