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Natural product company news - Week of Nov. 8, 2015

A roundup of announcements from natural product companies this week, including a new maternal nutrition solution from Arla Food Ingredients and a new virgin whey protein isolate from Jarrow Formulas.

Los Angeles-based company Addictive Wellness has announced the upcoming launch of three new superfood functional chocolates: Focus, Love and Women’s Health, to expand on the current line of Energy, Beauty and Tranquility.

A new maternal nutrition solution from Arla Food Ingredients contains three natural milk ingredients— Lacprodan whey protein, Capolac minerals and Lacprodan PL-20 milk phospholipids— that provide the building blocks needed to support the wellbeing of both the mother-to-be and her developing baby.

Taura Natural Ingredients' new URC speciality range of concentrated fruit pieces includes named-variety fruit ingredients made from France’s unique Normandie apples and apricots du Roussillon, as well as American Concord grapes.

Supplement formulator and supplier Jarrow Formulas has introduced larger sizes for some of its most popular products, including HCActive 180 count, Mastic Gum 120 count, MK-7 120 count, QH+PQQ 60 count and SAM-e 400mg 60 count. It has also introduced Virgin Whey Protein Isolate, which is derived directly from fresh milk and is processed at low temperature to better preserve the native characteristics of whey protein.

Prakruti Products received EU organic certification.

Salt of the Earth is preparing to launch Umamix, its new sodium reduction ingredient for hamburgers and processed meat, at Fi Europe in Paris, Dec. 1-3.

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