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Natural products brand Earthy earns B Corp certification

Earthy, maker of natural household cleaning and personal care products, is now a certified B Corporation. B Corps are legally obligated to fight social and environmental problems.

Earthy, a brand of natural household cleaning and personal care products, has announced it’s now a certified B Corporation. Earthy joins the ranks of more than 2,100 certified B Corporations from over 50 countries.

B Corporations, also known as Benefit Corporations, use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. They meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. To qualify as a B Corporation, B Lab, a nonprofit organization that certifies and supports B Corporations, conducts a thorough and extensive evaluation that measures a company’s impact on its employees, suppliers, community and the environment.

“Earthy is a lifestyle brand that touches all aspects of our lives, from how we take care of ourselves and our communities to how we care for the earth. Our goal is to help people live more consciously and organically,” CEO John Vlahakis said.

“Becoming a certified B Corporation was a natural next step for us as a company. Social and environmental responsibility is important to us, as is transparency and accountability. B Corp provides companies a road map for how to run their businesses in a more socially and environmentally ethical way. To know that we’re are on the right track is empowering for us. We’re honored to join B Corp in redefining success in business,” he continued.

From its inception, Earthy’s mission has been to create products that are respective of the environment and its inhabitants, to support suppliers in local communities and to provide transparency in all areas of their company and product line.

The company seeks to use ingredients that are plant-derived, GMO-free and certified organic when possible.


Source: Earthy LLC

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