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Natural products industry can grow the vote this November

Industry service providers join forces to create the #GrowtheVote social campaign designed to inspire the natural products industry to encourage, empower and enable participation in the democratic process of voting.

As we move through this challenging 2020 toward what will undoubtedly be a historic U.S. election, we in the natural products industry all have the choice to participate or sit on the sidelines. We can make our voices heard and dedicate ourselves and our organizations to actions we believe are needed to create the world we want. Or we can stay silent and let others do the work.

I encourage us all to participate—and one powerful way to do that is to vote. Vote for your choice for president, but don’t stop there. Use your vote at the state and local levels and invest the time to make informed and purposeful choices for every election race and referendum. (BallotReady is a valuable nonpartisan online tool that can help you get informed on every vote, state by state.)

We can also grow the vote by supporting and enabling voting within our organizations. Could you give your teams the day off on Nov. 3 for election day, as Mark Feinberg, the CEO of OTHRSource, is doing for the 4,500 employees at his in-store support and digital marketing company in Atlanta? Might you encourage and enable volunteering at the polls as the leadership team at New Hope Network is doing?

As leaders and companies within the $250 billion U.S. natural products industry, we collectively reach more than 50 million people who use our products and services and trust our brands. Let's engage and galvanize these voters too, as Patagonia, Levi’s, Steve Madden and other influential brands are doing.

Are you ready to get started? A group of industry service providers, organized by The Intertwine Group’s Elliot Begoun, joined forces to create “Grow the Vote,” a social media campaign designed to inspire the natural products industry to encourage, empower and enable participation in the democratic process of voting.

You can participate by sharing the social media and email graphics created by the talented team at Interact Media to help you spread this call to action and tell our community how you are helping to grow the vote. Via this Dropbox link you’ll find JPG and PNG graphics you can use on your LinkedIn banner, email signature and other social and digital marketing.

How are you growing the vote?

I look forward to reading your #GrowtheVote posts on social and learning how the natural products industry will power voting participation in 2020 and beyond.

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