Naturex Foundation Highlights Cambodia, Mongolia Projects

The Naturex Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of communities where Naturex sources raw materials. It operates through global and local community programs. As well as the projects led in Morocco, Peru and India, we are proud to get involved in two new projects in Mongolia and Cambodia.

In Mongolia

This project is headed by Naadam, a French NGO, whose aim is to help the people of Mongolia through training, education and human fulfillment. During five years, this association has worked with local inhabitants to create food-producing gardens. The purpose of the program is to teach the local people gardening techniques in order to provide themselves with basic foods and thereby overcome malnutrition. In order to improve this system, a deep study of the nutritional and economical impacts is necessary. Within the upcoming months, our Foundation is going to support the team who is in charge of the study, whose report will lead to the intervention of an expert agronomist.

In Cambodia

We support the project "Agriculture diversification around Siem Reap" which is mconducted by Agrisud, the NGO we already work with in Morocco and India. This new project is held in North West Cambodia and its objective is to ensure food supply into this area and to fight poverty, especially for farmer's families. This project started in June and is planned to end in 2013. The first step is to trial new agricultural systems with 40 farmers families, and then to extend these innovative systems to 320 farmers.

New important step: the adjoining of an endowment fund

An increasing number of Naturex' clients are interested in the actions led by our Foundation, and many of them would like to contribute to our programs. In order to meet this increasing demand, we created an endowment fund that will be attached to our foundation and will allow us to collect Naturex clients' donations and transfer them to our foundation. The Naturex fund adds an important new dimension to our Foundation by enabling us to generate more programs.

About the Naturex Foundation

The Naturex Foundation is an independent entity with its own resources, which supports in particular education, medicine, and basic necessities in communities from which Naturex derives plant materials, outside of any economic interest.

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