Navitas Naturals Achieves GMP / HACCP Certification

Demonstrating a Strong Commitment to Quality & Food Safety is Essential for International Food Companies

Novato, California (December 18, 2009) - The spotlight on international food safety has never been brighter than it is today. Navitas Naturals ( is an organic foods company with a strong commitment to quality and food safety, and today the company is demonstrating that by announcing that they have achieved third-party GMP / HACCP certification for their operations based in Novato, California.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a scientific process control system for identifying and preventing biological, chemical and physical hazards at critical points in the food production and distribution process. The HACCP review of Navitas Naturals’ operations, including an audit of their Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), was conducting by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS,, one of the leading food safety audit and certification service companies in the U.S. The seven key principles of HACCP are: Conduct a hazard analysis; Identify critical control points; Establish critical limits for each critical control point; Establish critical control point monitoring requirements; Establish corrective actions; Establish record keeping procedures; and Establish procedures for ensuring the HACCP system is working as intended.

While HACCP is a mandatory program for some food categories in the U.S. such as meat, seafood and juice, Navitas Naturals implements the program on a voluntary basis. “We import foods from many different cultures around the world, so it is imperative that we focus on having the best tools and systems in place such as HACCP to ensure quality, safety and consistency for our customers and business partners,” says Zach Adelman, founder and President of Navitas Naturals. “We are known to be one of the top quality providers of organic superfoods, so it is very important for us to back up that reputation with science and expert third-party review,” notes Adelman.

The mission of Navitas Naturals is to provide premium organic power foods that increase energy and enhance health. Navitas Naturals products are of the highest quality, are sourced directly from farmers, and are cultivated sustainably and in accordance with fair trade practices. “Our products come from ancient cultures around the world where they are traditionally used for both culinary and medicinal purposes,” says Adelman. Some of the most popular international superfoods that Navitas Naturals offers are: raw cacao and maca from Peru; acai powder from Brazil; goji berries from China; chia seeds from Mexico; goldenberries from Columbia; palm sugar from Indonesia; pomegranate from India; and mulberries from Turkey.

Navitas Naturals is Growing Fast – New Equipment & Space Double Production Capacity
In addition to the HACCP and GMP certification, Navitas Naturals is also announcing that it has completed production projects that significantly increase their capacity and efficiency. The fast-growing and award-winning company has added space and state-of-the-art equipment that has doubled their production and warehousing capacity for their branded products. For more information about Navitas Naturals, please visit

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