NBJ Corporate Subscription Level IV



NBJ Corporate Subscription Level IV

A base subscription to Nutrition Business Journal is required for all corporate subscription packages. Annual price is $10,000 for up to 30 individual users. The NBJ Corporate Electronic Subscription is renewable on 12-month terms and includes:

  • A PDF version of each NBJ issue (Hard copies of each issue of NBJ are available to each user on request.)
  • NBJ issue data file in Excel format when issued (included spreadsheets of the data and company lists presented in each issue for more convenient use by subscribers)
  • NBJ Weekly News delivered to an unlimited number of company readers
  • Unique user names and passwords for access to subscriber-only area of NBJ website for each user. Subscriber-only website includes an archive of selected data and text files associated with each issue, the NBJ Weekly News archive, presentation files delivered by NBJ staff and affiliates at selected conferences and additional features debuting in 2006.

Base Subscription


Corporate Subscription Add-On Options
Option A: Back Issues ($2,500)
Complete electronic access to all NBJ back issues from 2001. (A single set of print issues dating back to 1996 is also available upon request.) Also includes on-line access and searchability of NBJ’s Weekly News archive. (Note: Individual back issues sell for $150-$300 depending on page length and depth and breadth of data delivery)
  Option B: Data Charts ($5,000)
Complete access to all 130+ NBJ data charts and each NBJ issue data pack in electronic format. Data charts are organized primarily by product category, distribution channel or level of the supply chain. Sample categories include functional foods, weight-loss supplements, retail universe, direct sales, raw material supply, consumer usage, etc. (Note individual data charts sell for $95-$295 each)
Option C: Industry Web Seminars ($1,500)
Unlimited company registrants and access to NBJ bi-monthly web seminars, including electronic versions of powerpoint files, audio recordings of presentations and transcript of electronic Q&As. (Note: Individual web seminars are $495 and are limited to 6 registrants per company)
  Option D: NBJ Market Research Reports ($10,000)
Complete electronic access to all 5 of NBJ's market research reports. NBJ reports range from 350 - 1,000 pages and include complete sections on product categories with subcategories, distribution channels, segment value chain, ingredient supply, consumer usage and an encyclopedia of competitors with sales volume, growth, product and sales channel breakdowns.
Additional Corporate Subscription Options
Base Subscription + Options B & C
  Base Subscription + Options B , C & D
Base Subscription + Option B & D
  Base Subscription + Options A, B, C & D
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