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New Cinnamon Extract Targeted For Glucose Control Formulas

SARASOTA, FL – Integrity Nutraceuticals International (INI) has launched Cinnulin PF™, a proprietary cinnamon extract that research demonstrates is viable in supporting healthy glucose levels and insulin response.

According to company vice president Tim Romero, a recent study appearing in Diabetes Care shows that cinnamon extract has great potential for formulas that address diabetic conditions. Study subjects consuming cinnamon for 40 days demonstrated marked decreases in fasting glucose, between 18 and 29 percent, as well as decreases in cholesterol (12 to 26 percent) and triglycerides (23 to 30 percent)1. Of further note, USDA Scientist Dr. Richard A. Anderson asserted that compounds in a water extract are less likely to be toxic2.

A 2000 study by Broadhurst et al, has demonstrated that cinnamon is a strong potentiator of insulin3. In addition, a 2001 study demonstrated that one particular extract of cinnamon including methyl hydroxyl chalcone polymer showed promising data in the area of glucose control4. Breaking research has revealed that the active compounds in Cinnamon are not Methyl Hydroxy chalcone polymers (MHCP) but identified as Type-A Polymers5.

To further drive research and development of cinnamon extract’s health-providing potential in dietary supplements and functional foods, Integrity Nutraceuticals has additionally announced the formation of two strategic partnerships.

Integrity Nutraceuticals has partnered with Beijing Tang-An Medical to market U.S. Patent #6,200,569. This patented method retains the bioactive compounds and omits any possible toxins occurring in whole cinnamon.

Integrity Nutraceuticals has also formed an exclusive relationship with the United States Department of Agriculture to further the body of knowledge on cinnamon. “This Creative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) has been executed to develop an effective testing method for cinnamon extract,” Romero says. “Currently, all materials are being verified by HPLC and soon by Bioavailability by Epididymal Fat Cell Assay, etc., to show biological activity.”

Integrity Nutraceuticals International is a raw material supplier of bulk nutraceuticals, importing the finest materials from China and India. The company stocks amino acids, Cinnulin PF™, joint & health care items, specialty compounds and herbs.

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