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New CoQ10 Softgel Formula Shows Superior Absorption

City of Industry, CA, December 27, 2006 — Best Formulations announces the development of a exciting new Co-Enzyme Q10 softgel Q-BEST ™, which, in human clinical studies, shows a significantly (p<0.001) greater absorption and bioavailability compared to dry CoQ10 powder and other CoQ10 softgel product types currently on the market.

Formulated and developed by Donald Steele and associates, the Q-BEST ™ softgel represents the latest advancements in CoQ10 product research, softgel encapsulation and delivery technology. The human double-blind, randomized clinical study conducted by SIBR Research, Inc. showed that Q-BEST ™ had a peak absorption that was 808% higher and relative bioavailability that was 441% greater than that of standard dry CoQ10 powder. The 36-hour peak absorption study Q-BEST ™ showed that 7.89 % of the 100mg dose was absorbed at Cmax and an estimated total absorption was 11.65% compared to 0.87% at Cmax and 1.34% estimated total absorption for the dry powder product standard. In a 28 day steady state bioavailability study the basal steady state plasma CoQ10 levels were 3.46 ug/ml for Q-BEST compared to 1.35 ug/ml for the standard CoQ10 powder.. Q-BEST ™ AUC (0-28 day) was 53.31 ug/ml·day compared to 9.85 for the dry powder. Essentially this means that the consumer can take a smaller daily dose to acheive effective blood levels of CoQ10

Q-BEST ™ is a patent-pending formulation that utilizes a solubolized lipid tri-blend to aid in dissolving the CoQ10 powder, preventing recrystalization, and enhancing absorption and bioavailability. It is a clear crystal-free softgel that is all natural, with no chemical additive or solvents.

Best Formulations, a contract nutraceutial and pharmaceutical manufacturer, is currently taking orders for Q-BEST ™. Customers can even customize the Q-BEST ™ formulation to suite their needs.

“We’ve worked a long time on this new CoQ10 softgel, and are excited by the breakthroughs we’ve made. The human clinical study affirms the research we’ve put in to formulate this new product and delivery technology. The health benefits of CoQ10 are very well known, but the relatively poor absorption has always been a problem. We believe that Q-BEST ™ really is the best CoQ10 product on the market today, and can be of great benefit to many people.” – Donald Steele, Vice President Softgels

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For additional information, please contact Eugene Ung at 626.912.9998 or email

Best Formulations is a quality pharmaceutical and nutraceutical contract manufacturer of softgels, tablets, capsules, powders, teas, and liquids located in the City of Industry, CA. Best Formulations has an FDA drug license and is NNFA cGMP certified. Please visit us online at for more information.

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