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New Hope brings Nutrition Capital into the network

New Hope Network extends suite of offerings aimed at creating better connections between investors and high-growth brands by acquiring Nutrition Capital Network.

New Hope Network (Boulder, Colo.), part of Informa PLC, has acquired the assets of Nutrition Capital Network (NCN, San Diego, Calif.), an organization that facilitates financing, partnering and asset sales for growth companies in the natural products, nutrition and health and wellness industry.

Founded in 2007, NCN connects investors with high-potential growth companies in the natural products, nutrition and health and wellness industry through a current schedule of four annual investor meetings and year-round networking. NCN investor meetings focus on investment and acquisition opportunities in branded products, ingredients and technology. 

“By joining with New Hope Network, which hosts the two largest natural product trade shows in the United States and is a leading year-round source of information and support for growth companies, NCN will benefit from significantly enhanced deal flow that will broaden and deepen the reach of the network and offer our Cornerstone Investor members greater exposure and access to opportunities,” said Grant Ferrier, chief executive officer of NCN.

Almost 50 Cornerstone Investor members participate in NCN, including major multinationals and their venture investing arms, as well private equity firms, family funds, venture capital firms and angel investors. “Both strategic and financial investors will benefit from the expanded outreach made possible through New Hope's signature trade shows Natural Products Expo West and Expo East and other events, as well as from New Hope’s event expertise and publishing and research platform,” said Ferrier.

NCN Sponsors—companies that serve the natural products, nutrition and health and wellness industry in a professional and advisory capacity—will also benefit from exposure to the several thousand natural product companies that participate in New Hope trade shows and events each year.

As the natural products, nutrition and health and wellness industry’s premier events company, New Hope will also offer NCN support to expand its schedule of annual investor meetings and educational events. Currently, NCN hosts a Spring Investor Meeting in New York City, a Fall Investor Meeting in San Francisco, and two annual investor meetings dedicated to nutritional ingredients and technology at Vitafoods in Geneva, Switzerland, and SupplySide West in Las Vegas. NCN and New Hope have partnered on the popular Pitch Slam events at Natural Products Expo East and West since 2012 and will enhance these events in 2017 to provide greater value to presenting companies and investors, as well as Pitch Slam and Expo audiences.

“Our goal remains the same: to introduce investors to the next generation of successful brands, ingredients and technology in the nutrition and health and wellness industry. With New Hope we believe we will be in a stronger position to achieve that goal on behalf of the thousands of early-stage companies in our industry, the hundreds of investors dedicated to health and wellness, as well as society at large,” said Ferrier.

Since being founded in 2007, 545 companies have presented at 31 NCN investor meetings in the United States and Europe; through mid-2015, 56 percent of NCN presenting companies had completed some form of transaction. Led by industry veterans and experienced investment professionals, NCN serves as a gateway to connections, insights and resources that support the growth of the natural products, nutrition and health and wellness industry. NCN XX, NCN’s 20th meeting dedicated to presenting 20-plus branded products as investment, partnering and acquisition opportunities, will take place in New York city in April 2017.

Source: New Hope Network

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