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New Hope Network to host Techstars Startup Weekend

Techstars Startup Weekend Food + Tech Boulder
Join us for a three-day startup crash course creating the future of food, food systems and food technology.

Do you have an idea that would change what we eat, how we eat or where we eat? Here's an opportunity to transform your thoughts into action.

New Hope Network will have the pleasure of hosting the first ever Startup Weekend Food + Tech Boulder. The event aims to get to the root of an idea and see where it takes you. This experiential program will give participants a platform to pitch an idea, form a team and create a startup—all in a weekend.

Here’s what you can expect.


Techstars Startup Weekend is a hands-on program where aspiring entrepreneurs come together for 54 hours to pitch far-out ideas, form teams and spend the weekend building! It was born in Boulder over 10 years ago and now has taken place almost 1,000 times all over the globe. It's an intense weekend jam-packed with networking, learning from mentors, learning new skills, meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone. Attendees can expect to be challenged, both mentally and physically, but they'll come out on the other side feeling extremely accomplished. Along the way, we'll eat amazing meals together, learn from some of the best minds in food and tech, and hopefully create solutions to some of our most pressing food problems. 


Participants include students, software developers, chefs, food scientists, marketers, designers and beyond. The program is open to anyone, regardless of experience or education. The only requirements are an open mind and a full commitment to the weekend.


November 17-19, 2017. Full schedule here.


New Hope Network office:
5541 Central Avenue
Suite 150
Boulder, CO 80301


The goal of the weekend is to take action. We all have ideas, but not many of us have a safe space to execute on them. That's where Startup Weekend comes in. During the weekend you will build a minimum viable product/prototype, test your idea with potential customers, receive mentorship from some of the most experienced entrepreneurs and industry professionals, and win prizes that will help you take your venture to the next level. Other Startup Weekends have resulted in successes such as,, Foodspotting, GiftStarter, Zapier and many others!

Tickets can be purchased here.

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