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Natural Foods Merchandiser

New Native Sun Natural Foods Market store focuses on neighborhood

Native Sun health food market
Retailer of the Year: New store finalist

Now with three locations, Native Sun Natural Foods Market serves the Mandarin, Southside and Jacksonville Beach neighborhoods of Jacksonville, Florida. Each store boasts a healthy mix of affordable products, but the Jacksonville Beach outpost, which opened in September 2015, was designed with a new neighborhood-focused grocery concept in mind. “It’s driven by local engagement with charities, schools and special events,” says Dan Nehring, director of marketing.

Here are three ways Native Sun gives Jacksonville Beach residents a unique shopping experience:

Small footprint. This store is smaller than other locations, enabling Native Sun to delve into the heart of the community and also be easily accessible for potential customers, says Nehring. “This decision really helped emphasize the neighborhood feel and continues to support the needs of the surrounding community,” he explains.

Separate foodservice entrance. Separating the foodservice area from the rest of the store helps Native Sun cater to customers looking for convenient, healthy meal options. The space features a centralized seating area where patrons can enjoy food, socialize or get a little work done. “This setup provides fast access to Native Sun’s prepared foods while encouraging visitors to explore the rest of the store on their own terms,” Nehring says.

Streamlined wellness department. The new store offers a carefully curated selection of supplements and health and beauty products. The wellness department is smaller than those of the other two locations, and it includes only items that deliver the best results at the best price. “It’s a realignment that reflects changes in customer expectations,” Nehring says. “It also integrates well with in-store programming.”

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