New Perspectives on Aloe – scholarly publication supports development of innovative Aloe-based pharmaceuticals

Lesser known benefits range from kidney health to anti-allergy

Lacey, WA – One of the most widely distributed natural remedies in the western world, Aloe vera is rapidly growing beyond its home-remedy reputation for cooling sunburn. Aloecorp® has announced the release of an extensive research compilation providing the hard science to support new pharmaceutical applications as well as aloe’s tried and true uses. The book, New Perspectives on Aloe, represents almost a decade of research conducted in South Korea through the Creation of Aloe Pharmaceuticals (CAP) Project.

Aloecorp, the world’s leading vertically integrated Aloe vera grower, hopes that manufacturers, researchers and product developers will all benefit from the studies which isolated and tested several aloe actives. Specific applications included: histamine inhibition, immune stimulation, skin-whitening and protection against nephrotoxicity. The CAP Project also studied the angiogenic and cell growth-stimulating effects long associated with aloe gel as a trusted folk remedy for skin irritation and wounds.

“In isolating the actives of Aloe vera, they made an incredible leap forward in building the scientific foundation for aloe product development,” said Ken Jones, Chief Science Officer of Aloecorp. Jones was particularly intrigued by the study on aloe active prokidin and its health-protecting effects in the presence of Cisplatin, an aggressive chemotherapy treatment. “This is the kind of study that reminds us that aloe is far more than just a soothing topical. A benefit like this could massively improve the lives of people undergoing certain cancer treatments.”

Along with cutting-edge niche-specific applications, the research on individual aloe actives may also be viewed holistically as additional support for the use of the whole plant and gel. Whole aloe consumed orally or applied topically offers the benefits of the entire aggregate of actives along with their inherent synergy.

Whether the science is utilized to develop a new use or simply lend additional support to a current application, Aloecorp looks forward to an expansion of aloe product lines as well as renewed interest in aloe research. New Perspectives on Aloe sheds light on a medicinal plant that may be well-known by name but deserves to be much more thoroughly understood and utilized for all its untapped benefits.

The CAP Project was funded by Namyang Aloe Corporation in collaboration with Aloecorp, grower, manufacturer and supplier of fine aloe products with corporate headquarters in Washington state, and farming, processing and R&D centers in Texas, Mexico and China. With a solid foundation in scientific methodology, Aloecorp’s products are supported by published, peer-reviewed studies. All the company’s products are subject to superior quality standards to guarantee quality, purity, potency and biological activity. Aloecorp is part of the ECONET global family of health and natural product companies. Visit us online at:

The premier research text, New Perspectives on Aloe is available for $149.00 (plus shipping) by calling Aloecorp at 800-458-2563, ext. 1137 or email [email protected] .

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