New Study Shows WeighLevel Gives Favorable Weight Loss Results

Sprunk-Jansen has announced the results of a new double-blind placebo controlled randomized study to verify former research.

The study was conducted by a group of Danish and Israeli researchers involving volunteers who were overweight or actually obese. Participants didn’t follow any diet, and were instructed to eat what they used to, yet sticking to three meals a day. While some participants took one tablet of WEIGHLEVEL half an hour before each meal, the rest took placebo.

The results showed the group taking WEIGHLEVEL daily for three months achieved a considerable weight loss among the 29 participants in the study, who on average, lost 0.8 kg per week.

“This type of study is regarded as a ‘golden’ standard for validating the effect of the product, and we’re very happy to confirm practically the same result,” says Eli Kassis, M.D., who is co-author of the study.

The previous study, published in Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine., showed that WEIGHLEVEL was highly effective in reducing body weight, averaging 1 kg/week, during the three-month test period of 3 months.

About Sprunk-Jansen
Sprunk-Jansen was founded by pharmaceutical executive Erik Sprunk-Jansen in 2004 to create safer botanical therapeutic formulas to support human health and well-being. All Sprunk-Jansen herbal supplements are based on Greek-Arabic medicine, one of the most enduring and well-researched modalities of healing in the world.

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