New US Appointment Reflects Fabuless Success

DSM has named Frank DeJianne as senior marketing manager, responsible for sales and marketing of the breakthrough weight management ingredient Fabuless in dietary supplement, non-dairy food and beverage applications in North America. This appointment reflects DSM’s continuing commitment to the development of
Fabuless-enriched weight management concepts which allow consumers to manage their weight more easily.

Commenting on his appointment, Frank DeJianne said: “I am thrilled to join the DSM team and contribute to Fabuless’ success in the USA. The market for weight management products is growing rapidly as consumers look for convenient ways to manage their weight. Benefiting from a wealth of scientific evidence and a proven health claim to help consumers reduce their calorie intake, Fabuless represents exactly the sort of ingredient innovation this industry is looking for.”

Frank DeJianne joins DSM from MHP, a prominent sports nutrition company, and prior to that, the well known weight loss company, TRIMSPA. He brings with him vast knowledge of the dietary supplement and functional food industries. He has successfully managed top-selling weight management and sports nutrition brands in the US as well as providing marketing consultancy to nutraceutical companies.

Fabuless is an innovative combination of oat and palm oils (both naturally occurring dietary lipids) that is formulated in a novel emulsion. Its microstructure prevents the digestion of palm oil droplets until relatively deep in the small intestine. Because undigested fat arriving in the ileum (the latter part of the small intestine) triggers an 'appetite satisfied' signal to the brain, consumers feel no need to take in more calories, can eat less and still feel satisfied.

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