NMR Introduces the Rapid Focus Study for Natural Products

Nutraceutical Medical Research (NMR) is proud to offer the Rapid Focus Study™, a tailored and affordable way for the natural products industry to begin obtaining powerful human clinical data. A NMR Rapid Focus Study™ is an exploratory study that uses qualitative, quantitative and/or clinical parameters to test an ingredient, herbal or dietary supplement, food blend, functional beverage or a proprietary product’s effect in a small number of human subjects (n<50). The Rapid Focus Study™ generates pilot data to power phase I-II safety, tolerability and preliminary efficacy studies. Natural product, dietary supplement and ingredient companies that choose NMR’s Rapid Focus Study™ demonstrate their dedication toward long-term investment in their product or ingredient.

How the Rapid Focus Study™ works:


– Review your product/ingredient with the NMR team

– Discuss short- and long-term goals and timeline

– Focus:

- Tailor study design with the NMR team

- Choose study length: 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.

- Select metrics from NMR’s RFS portfolio: qualitative, taste tests, quantitative questionnaires, clinical analyses (blood, urine, etc.)

– Study:

– Receive progress and data updates on your Rapid Focus Study™

– Receive your Rapid Focus Study ™ Report demonstrating your product or ingredient results

– Disseminate your study results to investors, manufacturers, retailers and customers

The data in the Rapid Focus Study™ Report will be yours to distribute to your customers leading to maximum sales and return on investment for any natural product, dietary supplement, ingredient, food or beverage in development, on the test market, or on the shelf.

The Rapid Focus Study ™ is appropriate for all natural products, food, ingredient and cosmetic industry companies. Flavors (e.g. sweeteners, salt-substitutes, etc.), satiety/weight management products or ingredients, functional beverages, proprietary herbal or dietary supplement formulas, or skin serums are just a few product types that will benefit from NMR’s Rapid Focus Study ™.

NMR invites all interested food, food ingredient, flavor, ingredient, supplement and botanical companies to contact them for more information, request a proposal and quote for a Rapid Focus Study™.

NMR is a premiere contract research organization dedicated to serving the natural products industry.

Contact NMR at: Tel: 1-914-220-8325.

Email: [email protected].

Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/in/nutraceuticalmedicalresearch

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