Nordic Naturals Creates Gold Standard for Its Cod Liver Oil Through Vertical Integration of Raw Material to Finished Product

Watsonville, CA (October 18, 2006) Nordic Naturals announced today its new “Gold Standard” cod liver oil which will be used for all of the company’s cod liver oil products throughout the world.

Through the vertical integration of raw material to finished product, the company maintains full control over critical factors such as freshness, purity, taste, and environmental responsibility. The company’s long-term relationships with the fishermen and its own manufacturing facility in Arctic Norway ensure leading edge products based on the highest quality raw material in the world.

Nordic Naturals Arctic cod raw material and its unique processing standards raise the bar of fish oil freshness once again in the omega-3 marketplace, delivering a unique and powerful product. According to Joar Opheim, CEO of Nordic Naturals, “On average, our manufacturing process now delivers anisidine values (AV) between 1 and 2, compared to an industry average of 15, which greatly improves freshness and product utilization. Third party testing shows that these values are maintained through our gentle refining process which uses minimal heat, hence preserving the natural constituents of the oil.”

Nordic Naturals “Gold Standard” is based on three important guarantees.

• Fresh Arctic Cod: To ensure fresh raw material, Nordic Naturals works with smaller boats and independent fishermen rather than larger trawling vessels that spend longer time periods at sea. Long standing relationships directly with fishermen who always use 100% of the Arctic cod for either human or animal consumption have delivered optimal and sustainable raw material quality.

• Nitrogen Processing: Nordic Naturals uses nitrogen to minimize oxidation at every stage of manufacturing, protecting the oil throughout the manufacturing process.

• Plant Location: Nordic Naturals plant is located right next to the harbor, minimizing transportation, where the round fish is delivered for processing within a few short hours of being caught.

In late November, the company will be offering a 30-minute DVD about the history of cod and the company’s unique manufacturing process including footage inside the new processing plant in Arctic Norway.

Nordic Naturals is the leader in omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends with over 50 different fish oil products known for their exceptional taste, freshness and purity. For information, see or call 800.662.2544.

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