Nourkrin® Study Published In The Journal Of International Medical Research

New York, NY., November 2006 ­ According to a recent randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of International Medical Research (November 1, 2006), Nourkrin®, an all natural supplement intended to promote hair regrowth, indicates that the product is effective in improving hair growth. 61.5 percent of study participants experienced hair growth using Nourkrin® and the participants¹ hair count increased by 35.7 percent at the end of the six month trial.

"Hair loss can be a considerable physiological and social problem for millions of people," said Erling Thom, the researcher with 30 years experience in clinical trial management involved in the study, "and a lot of effort has been put into investigating the different treatment options." The study of Nourkrin® was conducted to examine the short and long-term effect and tolerability in persons with hair loss.

The clinical trial consisted of 60 volunteers of both genders, aged 18 and above, all with hair-loss problems for a period of at least one year before entering the study. The clinical trial was conducted as a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with two arms, followed by an open phase on active treatment. During the six month blinded phase, 30 participants were randomly assigned to take Nourkrin® and 30 received placebo. The dosage of two tablets per day for participants below 80 kg in body weight and three tablets per day for those above 80 kg was given to both groups.
In the immediately following open phase, participants who had been taking Nourkrin® in the blinded phase continued with this treatment for another six months, while participants who had been in the placebo group were switched to Nourkrin® for 12 months. All participants thus received treatment with Nourkrin® for 12 months. The study was conducted according to the principles of the revised Declaration of Helsinki, a statement of ethical principles to provide guidance to physicians and other participants in medical research involving human subjects, Good Clinical Practice and local regulations.

"Nourkrin® is intended to supply the hair follicles with nutrients that are important for the growth and quality of hair," said Thom. "The active ingredients in the product are meant to nourish the hair follicles and awaken the dormant hair follicles, thereby stopping hair loss, stimulating growth of new hair and strengthening the exiting hair." Active ingredients in Nourkrin® include a marine based extract, Vitamin C, Silica and Horsetail Extract.

The efficacy parameters included an initial global inspection of the hair loss as well as hair counting, using a standardized method of counting at four predefined areas of the scalp. The hair counting method continued at all follow-ups and participants also conducted self-evaluations by using a VAS (Visual Analogue Scale) to measure their satisfaction with the treatment. Tolerability of the treatments was checked at all follow-ups by asking: "Have you felt any nuisances that could be linked to the treatment you have received?"

77 percent of the participants in the group receiving Nourkrin® reported that they had an effect from the treatment period of six months. This result is supported by the clinical observations. The hair counting method showed an average increase of 45 percent during the study period. In the placebo group, none of the participants reported any improvements in hair growth after six months.

The results at the end of the open phase of the study, along with the active preparation, show that treatment duration has a highly significant effect on the hair growth. At the end of the 12-month treatment period, the hair gain had improved with an average of 61.5 percent in the active group. The other group, initially taking placebo, showed a 40 percent improvement after the use of Nourkrin® for six months. The tolerability was equally good in both groups. None of the participants dropped out of the study because of side effects.

The results concluded from this study indicate a significant difference in hair growth after treatment with Nourkrin® compared to the placebo. "The positive effect seen with Nourkrin® combined with the excellent tolerability make this product an attractive treatment alternative for people with hair loss problems," stated Thom.

Nourkrin® is a product of Lifes2good, an Irish based company, that produces safe and natural health, beauty and lifestyle products. Lifes2good is committed to product excellence, as the company¹s products are thoroughly researched and scientifically tested to be safe, natural and successful. Lifes2good offers a safe, natural alternative to today¹s health, beauty and lifestyle products. For more information or to purchase Nourkrin® please visit, call the toll-free customer care line at 1-888-577-7277 or visit any Vitamin World retailer.

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