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Delicious Living Best Bite Award Opener

Now accepting nominations for Delicious Living’s 2017 Best Bite Awards

The fifth annual food and beverage awards celebrate the crème de la (organic, grass-fed) crème in natural.

Listen up, natural food and beverage companies. If you’re interested in expanding the reach of your product, putting your brand on the radar of independent natural retailers and letting core customers know your company is rad, consider nominating your product for Delicious Living’s Best Bite Awards. The awards appear in both the July print and online version of Delicious Living magazine. 

Now in their fifth year, the awards highlight standout natural food and beverage brands that prioritize ingredient integrity, nutrition and, of course, taste.

What do these criteria actually mean? When we talk about ingredient integrity, we’re interested in learning how ingredients are sourced. Is there information on your package or on your website that lets consumers know where an ingredient was grown? Was it produced in such a way that doesn’t harm—or even better, regenerates—natural resources like soil, water and air? Was the ingredient made while respecting the people and place who created it? Certification labels like Fair Trade, Equal Exchange, USDA Organic, Demeter USA, PCO Certified and 100% GrassFed can help judges understand where the ingredients in your product came from, and how they were produced.

Best Bite Award judges also examine the nutrition facts panel of each product submitted. While we’re particularly mindful of added sugar, we also have an eye tuned to sodium and calorie count. Products we feature must help promote health and wellness—not make eating well more difficult.

And because these items are food (and Delicious Living believes food should be enjoyable) Best Bite nominees are also judged on taste. 

Ready to nominate your product?

Head to to nominate your product in just two easy steps before April 7th.

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