NOW Foods' Senior Scientist Joseph Zhou Named Adjunct Professor of Pharmacognosy at UIC

BLOOMINGDALE, IL (March 19, 2007) -- Joseph Zhou, Ph.D., NOW Foods' Senior Scientist, has been named to the faculty of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) as Adjunct Professor of Pharmacognosy in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy. UIC is the top-ranked university in the U.S. for the study of medicines from botanical sources.

As UIC Adjunct Professor, Dr. Zhou will teach a graduate-level course on "Standardization of Herbal Remedies." He was recommended for this position by renowned UIC Research Professor of Pharmacognosy Dr. Norman R. Farnsworth.

Dr. Zhou's work in the area of dietary supplement testing methodologies has received recognition in the scientific community. His work on more accurately assaying glucosamine in raw materials and dietary supplements containing glucosamine sulfate and/or glucosamine hydrochloride was accepted and published as an Official Method(SM) in the Journal of AOAC International (88 (4), 2005, pp 1048-1058 and 87 (5), 2004, pp. 1083-1092). Joseph has also published a test method for SAMe, and his team's method for Chondroitin Sulfate was accepted for publication by AOAC for July 2007.

In recognition of his work in establishing the AOAC Official Method(SM) for testing glucosamine products, Dr. Zhou was named the "2005 AOAC Study Director of the Year". This work involved organizing twelve validation laboratories world-wide and performing a collaborative study for testing glucosamine sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride in both raw materials and dietary supplement finished products.

Commenting on his new role, Dr. Zhou said, "This is not just an honor for me, it is a validation that the scientific standards we practice at NOW Foods are recognized by the academic community."

Dr. Zhou joined NOW Foods in 1999.

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