NutraGenesis and Flavor & Fragrance Specialties Enter into Strategic Alliance

March 25, 2004--Brattleboro, Vermont--NutraGenesis LLC of Brattleboro, VT and Flavor & Fragrance Specialties of Mahwah, NJ are pleased to announce the formation of a Strategic Alliance regarding the marketing, product development, sales and distribution of OptiNutrin™, a GRAS affirmed, immune product. OptiNutrin™ provides food and beverage manufacturers a safe, effective immune-enhancing ingredient for use in the rapidly growing functional food /nutraceutical category.

“What makes us excited about this Strategic Alliance is our ability to bring to the food and beverage industries a product which has scientifically validated functionality” states Doug Roth, Strategic Account Manager at FFS. “OptiNutrin™, coupled with FFS’s flavor and product development expertise will allow our customers a unique opportunity to formulate functional foods and beverages that not only taste great but also provide an even greater benefit—a strengthened and enhanced immune system for better health and well being.”

Suzanne McNeary, President of NutraGenesis concurs “our strategic relationship with a company of FFS’s experience and reputation affords us the opportunity to develop a variety of exceptional OptiNutrin™ flavor systems for a wide assortment of GRAS affirmed functional food and beverage products with immune health claims.”

OptiNutrin™ will be available in an array of custom formulated flavor systems for use in the following food and beverage categories where GRAS affirmation has been granted: Baked Products; Beverages, Non-Alcoholic; Hard Candy & Cough Drops; Processed Fruit Juices and Beverages; and Meal Replacement Products.

Sales and Food/Beverage Technical Support will be coordinated by Flavor & Fragrance Specialties’ Sales and Technical teams. NutraGenesis will provide marketing, clinical, and functional support. For further information, contact Doug Roth at FFS at 800-998-4337.

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