Ocean Spray’s Rob Beams Appointed Vice President

The world’s number one cranberry co-operative, Ocean Spray, has announced the appointment of Rob Beams to the position of Vice President, Agricultural Supply Development. Rob currently heads up the company’s Ingredient Technology Group, which is one of its fastest growing businesses, moving more than 25 per cent of the cranberry crop annually in international ingredient sales.

Filling one of the most critical roles in the organization, Rob also heads Grower Relations and has been chief architect of a strategy that has significantly increased grower-owner returns, enhancing the value proposition of belonging to the Ocean Spray Co-operative.

Rob holds a master of business administration degree from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a bachelor's degree from Princeton University in engineering management systems and operations research. Before joining Ocean Spray in 2003, he led sales and operations for the Callery-Judge Grove, one of the premier citrus companies in the Indian River region.

Commenting on his promotion, Rob said, “It’s a great time to be in the cranberry business and the Ingredient Technology Group is going from strength to strength. With cranberry sales at a record high, I look forward to expanding our product range to further benefit customers.”


Ocean Spray ITG is part of Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc, which currently ranks as one of the top 50 USA food and beverage companies. In Europe, combined sales of branded products and ITG ingredients have topped $100 million. Ocean Spray ITG offers an extensive portfolio of fruit ingredients including sweetened dried cranberries, BerryFusionsTM Fruits, cranberry powders, frozen cranberries and cranberry concentrate and puree.

For further information on how cranberries can be used in your products, please contact: Tom Jones, Tel: (508) 946 7606 Fax: (508) 946 4594
Email: [email protected] Or visit: www.oceansprayitg.com and www.oceanspray.com

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