Olympian Labs Employs Enzymotec's SHARP-PS ® GREEN in Cognitive Products

The novel, Soy-Allergen Free PhosphatidylSerine product Sharp-PS ® GREEN by Enzymotec, was adopted for a launch in three of Olympian's products intended for both mass market and practitioner channels. Products by Olympian Labs, Inc. containing Sharp-PS ® GREEN are PhosphatidylSerine, Phospholoba, and Pedia Calm.

"Sharp-PS ® GREEN is a groundbreaking PhosphatidylSerine, which does not carry some of Soy-PS's unwanted attributes such as its allergenicity and in some cases making use of genetically modified crops. Further, it provides a green image due to the fact that the vegan biomass used as its raw material is not sourced from Brazil but from Eastern Europe, therefore, is more environmentally conscious," says Elzaphan Hotam, CEO of Enzymotec USA.

"We are confident that we shall see more new introductions of that grade very soon," concludes Elzaphan.

About Olympian Labs

Based in Arizona, Olympian Labs is a global dietary supplement and fortified foods company that manufactures and markets more than 270 vitamin, mineral, herbal and dietary supplements to over 7,000 health food retailers. Olympian Labs is well known in the natural health and vitamin science industry for its distinctive specialty formulations, and is a Besins Healthcare company.

About Enzymotec

Enzymotec is an Israeli biotech company, which operates in the Pharmaceuticals, Infant nutrition and Nutraceutical segments. In the Dietary supplement sector, Enzymotec is a supplier of high-end active ingredients to major retailers across the world. The company’s main mission is to provide branded companies with a better value proposition in 3 main health areas: CVD management, improving cognitive performance and balanced nutrition for babies & toddlers. Enzymotec strategically researches and identifies concepts which have already gained market and scientific acceptance, such as: Omega-3, PS or plant-sterols and enhance their efficacy by mode of extraction, conjugation or modification. In order to increase value proposition of these concepts Enzymotec invests significant resources in supplying powerful marketing tools, clinical trials, regulatory affairs and patent protection while ensuring highest quality standards.

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