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One Step Closer launches Zero Waste Campaign

Article-One Step Closer launches Zero Waste Campaign

One Step Closer one step closer zero waste badge
Learn more about the impact campaign and how it will result in an in-person activation at Natural Products Expo West in March.

One Step Closer (OSC) is launching its newest impact campaign in January 2022. The campaign is focused on advancing circular packaging solutions to move toward a zero-waste future.

The One Step Closer to Zero Waste Campaign aims to create a platform for action and generate inspiration for the reduction and/or elimination of single-use plastics in products, packaging and personal lives. 

The campaign will run through January and February of 2022, eventually leading into an in-person activation at Natural Products Expo West in March. During January, the campaign focus is on consumer-related messaging (i.e., "Understanding the Mobius Strip," "Find a Composter," "Zero Waste Tips" and "Brand Highlights") and in February the narrative will shift to industry-specific messaging on new material development and policy calls to action.

The campaign presents numerous opportunities for both industry members and global citizens to participate in advancing zero-waste solutions. Visit the campaign landing page to download the toolkit, which has a variety of badges, social posts, email copy and more to help you tell your zero-waste packaging stories. Use the hashtag #1SteptoZeroWaste so that OSC can capture your participation in its campaign impact report in April.

The time for brands and industry members to mobilize is now. Everyone can participate by re-sharing OSC posts and campaign assets, creating their own tailored assets (using the Campaign Guidelines/Partner Toolkit) to share their own packaging work, engaging with legislators via ASBC or joining circular economy dialogues on key topics during January and February.

Brands that want to take their engagement a step further are called to make a commitment to transition at least one packaging material to a more sustainable option by the end of 2022. 

Source: One Step Closer

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