Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. Adds Prominent Business Executive and Respected Veterinarian as Independent Board Members

DALLAS, TX, Jun 06, 2006 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PECB) -- -- announced today that Mr. James Smith and Dr. Fiona McCord, DVM were added to its Board of Directors at the Company's annual shareholders meeting held last week. Their election fills out the Pet Ecology board to a total of 6 members, with 4 members considered independent and 2 members represented by management.

Mr. James "Jim" Smith is a managing partner of Saturn of North Texas ( with locations in Irving, Lewisville, and Plano. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he played professional football for the USFL Birmingham Stallions (1977 - 1982), the Pittsburgh Steelers (1982 - 1985), and the Oakland Raiders (1985 - 1986). Mr. Smith is a recognized community leader and motivational speaker, with over 16 years of professional business management experience. Mr. Smith brings his considerable business expertise and abilities to manage business growth to the Company during its critical stages of accelerated domestic and international expansion.

Dr. Fiona McCord is a highly educated and experienced professional in the veterinarian medical industry, having received her Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and Surgery Degree from the University of Edinburgh, a Masters Degree in Veterinarian Cardiovascular Physiology from Texas A&M University, as well as a law degree from the Southern Methodist University. Currently a non-practicing attorney, Dr. McCord previously practiced law in health & related issues for approximately five years, after receiving her license from the State Bar of Texas in 1996. A strong community leader and activist in a number of animal rescue organizations, Dr. McCord has been practicing veterinarian medicine in her local community since 1986 and currently operates the Frankford Pet Hospital in Lewisville, Texas. The Company will draw from Dr. McCord in all areas involving the expansion of its products into the veterinarian markets, as well as her legal expertise to guide the Company through its upgrade of corporate structure and listing of its stock on the Bulletin Board, which is foreseen in the near future, with plans to continue on to NASDAQ.

Ralph Steckel, CEO of Pet Ecology, stated, "This is an exciting time for Pet Ecology, with the recent addition of seasoned professionals to senior executive positions in our sales and marketing team, and now the added bonus of such well-respected professionals and community leaders to our Board of Directors, as we position the Company to move aggressively ahead with its business strategies."

Pet Ecology also reports on the Company's progress and augmentation of its sales force with top-notch national pet manufacturer's rep groups. The Company's internal direct sales force includes a National Sales Manager, National Accounts Manager, Western, Central and Eastern Regional Business Managers, plus a Veterinary Business Manager and three Retail Business Managers. All of these personnel were selected to work within their areas of expertise and to manage those Manufacturer's Rep groups that are assigned to them. As an adjunct to assist with the regional account and retail coverage, there are currently four Manufacturer's Rep groups who have seen the potential of the Pet Ecology line of products, and have agreed to work with the Company's Regional Business Managers introducing the products into their regional distributors and promoting to the retail store level accounts. Each of the Manufacturer's Rep groups was selected for: (1) their industry experience and longevity, since each of has been in the pet industry for over thirty years; and (2), because they enjoy a respected position in the industry for who they represent and how their implement a coordinate national sales strategy. Presently the internal sales domestic sales force and the four Manufacturer's Rep groups manage over 25 regional and national distributors giving nationwide coverage to Pet Ecology for its products throughout the United States and Canada.

International sales are being coordinated by three representatives who handle pet products in their spheres of expertise and influence: Europe, Asia/Pacific Rim, and Central/South America. Each of these international representatives has represented pet product interests in those areas for over seven years and each speaks multiple languages. These groups are headed by Tradewinds Global who has been responsible for the rapid penetration of the Company's products in the Asian and Pacific Rim markets.

About Pet Ecology Brands Inc.
Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. has developed a revolutionary patented cat litter that destroys urine odor, clumps, and is Earth-friendly. Scientific Professional(TM) Cat Litter is ultra-lightweight and convenient to use (3lbs works like 21lbs of clay/sand based products); it is 100% flushable and safe for sewer and septic tank systems. It is completely safe for cats and our environment, and does not contain any sodium bentonite, as used in competing brands. The design helps to protect the landfills, and yet does everything that clay litters do... and more. It has the ability to help indicate certain diseases commonly occurring in cats. The technique used is similar to that found in Merck's Veterinarian Manual. However, this litter not only warns of possible illness, but may also help indicate how far along the illness may be by the color the litter changes to, thereby providing the pet owner significant additional benefits and an early warning system concerning the cat's health. Scoop-Lite(R) provides the same benefits as Scientific Professional Cat Litter without the sickness indicator.

Pet Ecology's K-9 Fat Free Dog Treats(TM) are the first fat free treats on the market that meet the standards of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and offer dog owners an effective means to provide their pets with a non-fat tasty treat. They are also cholesterol free and sodium free. According to U.S. News & World Report, "the number one health problem for dogs is obesity." Today, dogs are fed fat rich food and treats, and often get significantly less exercise than required to maintain an ideal weight and healthy condition. Overweight dogs are more prone to serious injury, skeletal stress, and the same complications that people experience with significant weight gain via fat rich diets, ranging from heart and lung problems, to skin and kidney diseases, to circulatory and immune system issues. Vit-A-Dog Fat Free Treats (soon to be available) are enriched with vitamins D & E, and will be available in chicken, beef and liver flavors.
Other products anticipated being launched by Pet Ecology Brands, Inc. in 2006 include the first fat free cat treat, a low sodium and low fat microwavable gourmet cat dinner; and two product line extensions for the Scientific Professional Cat Litter line to help indicate feline pregnancy and diabetes.

Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements, other than the statements of historical facts, may be deemed to contain forward-looking statements with respect to events, the occurrence of which involves risk and uncertainties, including, without limitation, demand and competition for the company's products and services, the availability to the company of adequate financing to support its anticipated activities, the ability of the company to generate cash flow from operations and the ability of the company to manage its operations. As statements regarding future events concern management's estimates of future results of operations, and as these estimates are based on many elements beyond management's control, differences from management's estimates may occur, and such differences may be material.

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