Pharmachem, John I. Haas Join Forces to Market Hops Extract Products

KEARNY, NJ, APRIL 11, 2007 – Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., today announced it is teaming up with John I. Haas, Inc., (JIH), the largest U.S. grower and processor of hops and hop products, to develop and market innovative extracts and derivatives to the nutraceutical and supplement industries.

According to Gregory Bonfilio, Pharmachem Business Development Manager, “The goal of the collaboration is to advance the science, manufacture, and consumer awareness of hops extracts as ingredients for medicinal use. JIH will produce and supply Pharmachem with standardized raw materials, and we will provide technical expertise and processing services to develop delivery forms with unique characteristics and stability profiles.

“In addition,” added Bonfilio, “Pharmachem will commit its sales force and marketing energies toward promoting and branding specialty hop products for the nutraceutical marketplace.”

A recent result of the collaboration between Pharmachem and JIH is the introduction of Perluxan, a proprietary standardized extract of hops that has been shown to reduce pain-causing compounds in a short time with a low dose. In human clinical studies, Perluxan was tested alongside over-the-counter pain relievers, and was found to be comparable in its ability to reduce pro-inflammatory chemicals and derivatives.

Lloyd Schantz, Senior Vice President of JIH, is equally excited about the possibilities of this partnership. “Pharmachem, as a major ingredient supplier to the nutraceutical and supplement industries, gives JIH virtually total coverage in this incredibly dynamic market.”

Additional research indicates that hops derivatives can be used for a variety of health conditions, including the inhibition of bone loss, as antioxidants, and in the management of glucose levels. Pharmachem and JIH will share scientific resources and pertinent intellectual property to explore various uses of hops-based products, and sponsor clinical studies in support of new and existing applications.

Pharmachem Laboratories Inc. is a global leader in application-specific processing of healthy ingredients including custom extraction, fractionation, fermentation, drying, liquid-to-powder conversion, granulation, agglomeration, blending, nutrient fortification and ready-to-drink powders. For more information, call 1-800-526-0609, or visit

Founded in 1914, John I. Haas, Inc., a part of the Barth-Haas Group, is the world’s largest dealer and processor of hops and hop products. The company owns and runs its own hop farming operations, warehouses, extraction plants and pelletization plants worldwide. Haas is the leader in the field of research and development of hop-based products for use in and outside the brewing industry. For more information, call 202-777-4800 or visit


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