Pharmline Announces Mrs. Lisa Kidron as its Chief Financial Officer

Pharmline, Inc., a leading supplier of high-quality nutritional and functional food ingredients, announces the appointment of Mrs. Lisa Kidron as Chief Financial Officer and the newest member of their executive management team.

“I am excited to join Pharmline and eager to bring my experience with high-growth pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing industries to this organization,” said Lisa Kidron.

Prior to joining Pharmline, Mrs. Kidron served in various executive roles in public and private companies. She has over a decade of experience in developing and implementing business strategies that have aided growth in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Mrs. Kidron is a Certified Public Accountant and possesses Master degrees in Law and Industrial Engineering.

John Witterschein, C.E.O. of Pharmline commented that “Lisa’s career accomplishments and experience in the financial aspects of pharmaceutical and global companies will be of great benefit to the team.”

Pharmline Inc., , a subsidiary of Gadot Biochemical Industries, Ltd., based in Florida, New York, is committed to providing its customers with nutritional ingredients of dependable quality and uniform consistency. Founded in 1986, the company specializes in large capacity blending, granulations, micronizing services and premixes. It is the exclusive distributor of EPAX® Omega 3 Concentrates, Industrial Organica’s patented lutein and zeaxanthin products and Burgundy Botanical Extracts IridoForce™ and UTIrose™ clinically proven ingredients. Pharmline, Inc. is ISO 9001 and GMP certified.

To learn more about Pharmline, please visit: or call (845) 651 4443

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