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PMI Nutrition Introduces Healthy Pet and Dog Food Lines

PMI Nutrition, LLC is proud to share the latest in pet nutrition. Today's pet owners are not only reading nutrition labels for their family, but for their pets as well. Research shows that many people are trending to view nutrition for their pets in a similar fashion as they would view their own nutritional needs—with a balance of proteins, select carbohydrates, select fats and fruits and vegetables. The new and improved Exclusive(R) Pet Food formulas and all-new Infinia(TM) Holistic Dog Food offer 14 unique products to make it easier for consumers to select healthy options to feed their pet.

"We are excited to be able to share the new Exclusive(R) and Infinia(TM) products through our PMI Nutrition product retailers," says Mary Corley, marketing manager for Exclusive and Infinia Brands. "Since these brands are a well-kept secret of independent retailers like ours and are not nationally advertised, we can offer these pet foods, packed with exceptional ingredients, at a great value to our customers—and offer, through our frequent purchase program, every 7th bag of Exclusive(R) pet food or every 9th bag of Infinia(TM) pet food, FREE."

The new Exclusive(R) Pet Food is "nutrition with a purpose ... healthy pets from head to tail." The new products are formulated with hardworking, purposeful ingredients for nourishing pets. In all formulas, natural chicken, turkey, bison, lamb or salmon is the first ingredient. These palatable proteins are the building blocks of great formulas. Other key ingredients in all products include:

Omega Fatty Acids and DHA Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids support the health of the skin as well as the quality of hair or coat; they also contribute to healthy immune function. Every Exclusive(R) and Infinia(TM) product provides an optimal balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids from flaxseed, fish meal and/or salmon oil.

DHA is a specific Omega 3 fatty acid that is found in mother's milk and is important to the development of strong vision and a healthy brain. It is included in all Exclusive(R) and Infinia(TM) pet foods.

Antioxidants Vitamin E, along with added selenium, zinc and copper, are key components of your pet's immune system. Exclusive(R) formulas are fortified with these vital nutrients to support immune system function and tissue integrity for overall health.

Digestive Health Support Digestive health is vital for efficient digestion and utilization of nutrients in pets, supporting their overall health and vitality. Exclusive(R) and Infinia(TM) pet foods start with quality ingredients and include some healthy extras:

Chicory root a natural source of soluble fibers that provides the best environment for the good bacteria which helps support a consistent, healthy digestive tract.

Dried fermentation products are actual microorganisms—which include Lactobacillus and Enterococcus species, commonly found the digestive tract that help support a pet's digestive health.


"Whether your pet is a companion or a performer, we are dedicated to building premium pet foods that optimize your pet's important purpose in life," said Mary Corley, marketing manager for Exclusive and Infinia Brands. "These wholesome pet foods are only available from knowledgeable PMI Nutrition dealers in your community, so that you get the information, education and support you need with every purchase."

PMI Nutrition is also proud to be at the forefront of holistic nutrition with new Infinia(TM) holistic dog food by Exclusive(R) pet food.

The new Infinia(TM) line features three recipes, each with multiple protein ingredients and Infinia Holistic(TM) Superfoods including salmon oil, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, spinach, kelp, parsley—chock full of vitamins and minerals—together supporting immunity, longevity and vitality.

The fourth recipe features the grain-free Infinia(TM) Zensitive(TM) Blend, a unique formulation offering peace-of-mind to customers who prefer a more select grain-free ingredient list.

"Pet owners are looking for smart, healthy options when feeding their animals, and that's exactly what PMI Nutrition provides," Corley said. "We are confident in both our nutritional approach, and in the results we have gotten in our feeding trials."

Here are a few of the testimonials from participants who were provided the products at no charge in order for PMI Nutrition to fully test the products prior to going to market.

"Nicki is the very first AKC Champion being fed Infinia Holistic(TM) pet food. She finished her championship on the prestigious Florida Circuit in January, 2010. She is a very 'finicky' eater and we got some of the Infinia(TM) Bison & Potato Recipe to try her on. She loved the food and gobbled it down. We got some weight on her and finished her championship." L.V. "Chip" Rainwater—Hayesville, N.C.

"We are careful about what we feed our dogs since both have allergies; they're licking and itching constantly. Sydney used to go all day without eating and was not excited about his specialty feed. Now Sydney and our other dog come running when I open the feed bin! And six weeks later, both of them look great and seem to be content." Greg Helton—Waxahachie, Texas

"The new and improved Exclusive(R) Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Dog Food has high-quality ingredients that can meet all of your dog's nutritional needs in one package. I had eight dogs in a variety of growth stages on the trial to determine if the new formula would meet all of their needs. Overall, they were extremely excited about being fed and ate more readily. As a breeder, I feed close to 25 dogs and when it came time for feeding my dogs on the trial, the other dogs congregated around wanting a taste!" Tammy Goldammer—Lohman, Mo.

To learn more about the new Exclusive(R) pet food line and the new Infinia(TM) Exclusive(R) Dog Food visit and

PMI Nutrition, LLC products include Infinia Holistic(TM), Exclusive(R) and Red Flannel(R) pet foods. Whether your pet is a companion or a performer, PMI Nutrition, LLC is dedicated to building products that optimize your pet's important purpose in life. The products are only available from knowledgeable retailers in your community, so you get the information, education and support you need with every purchase. We're here for you; we're here for your pet—every step of the way. To find a local retailer, visit or

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