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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Question of the Day: What's driving customer demand in your store right now?

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Retailers sound off on the question of the day

Deborah deMoulpied
Real Green Goods
Concord, N.H.
“Unfortunately, some of it is people looking for things that don’t come from China. There’s also a desire for reduced use of chemical byproducts, like bisphenol-A. In this economy, people might not connect with ‘organic is good for the soil,’ but they’ll focus on themselves, what they personally eat, breathe and touch.”

Kathy Navis
Greens 'N Grains
Door County, Wisc.
“People are really concerned about their personal health. Just like the speaker in the ‘Growing the Green Segment’ session talked about, we're finding people are concerned first with their personal health, then with the health of their family, and next, with the health of the planet.

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Natalie Bennet
Lemongrass, A Natural Foods Market
Wenatchee, Wash.

Donna Stark and Ed Dystra
Good Earth Natural Foods
Spearfish, S.D.
“Yes, people buy groceries, they'll always buy groceries, but supplements have always been a big mover for us. And we'll make more off a bottle of supplements than off a bag of flour.”

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Courtney Childers Lyons
All Ways Healthy
Lake Zurich, Ill.

Marla Peters
Big Hollow Food Co-op
Laramie, Wyo.
“We’re the first natural food co-op in Wyoming, so we get a lot of people who see the need for change in their lives and are focusing on locally grown foods and organics.”

Felly Grieve
A-1 Nutrition
Winnipeg, Canada
“Trends. There was something in the news about resveratrol, and there’s a line out the door for it. It’s the same thing when Oprah says acai—sales spike. If you’re well-stocked, you’re lucky.”

Seoul, South Korea
“People in South Korea are becoming very conscious about natural and organics and getting educated in this trend. Business is really booming right now because people think they are precious, and are concerned with themselves and their family. We tend to get the people who are more middle-class or high-end shoppers. The low-end shoppers go to Walmart.”

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Cassandra Elwell

Ryan Hazen, Deb Tyanich and Jill Forseth
Real Food Market
Helena, Mont.
“We’re the only natural foods store in town so our customer base is loyal to us even in hard times. In terms of trends, we’re seeing more people buying supps for health prevention these days.”

Mary Van de Graaf
Vibrant Health Foods
Sunnyside, Wash.
“We have a hot diet supplement, and if we can get people in the door, they’ll buy other things. The economy actually hasn’t hurt us as much as we thought it would.”

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Arch Kottler
Naturally Beautiful
Kelseyville, Calif.

Stephen Trinkaus
Terra Organic
Bellingham, Wash.
“Raw foods. People find the money to do it. It’s very popular in our area. We put it near the produce section, which raw foodies are also into—that helps.”

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