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Question of the day: What's your favorite thing about being in the naturals industry?

Question of the Day for Saturday: What is the best thing about being in the naturals industry? The following is what we heard on the show floor the last day of the 2009 Natural Products Expo East in Boston:

"The gradual acceptance and understanding of the value of nutrition for overall health. This has been a gradual consciousness. -Jane Medress of Dynamic Health Labs, pictured with Angelina Lim of Brooklyn, NY.

"Dedication to your products and the belief that you are doing something good for the body. We developed a product that is good for the consumer that doesn't need any fillers, pesticide, or anything like that. The naturals industry is about a lifestyle." -Devenee Schumacher, with (L-R) Sean Marszalek and Charles Cook of SDC Nutrition, Pittsburg, Pa.

"There's an integrity about it. My allegience to it is about the purity of a natural food system, uncontaminated by man-made elements." -Bob Minnocci of NOFA, Barre, Mass.

"What I like about it is there's no urgency in this industry. It's more relaxed; not a lot of pressure." -Dan Kiley, Bergin Nut Company, St. Paul, MN.

"I love how excited people are about the products. They listen, read and want to learn more. My product is something people enjoy and it's good for you. To know it's lower in sodium than other olives really makes a difference," _Allison Day, Santa Barbara Olive Company in California.

"I appreciate the people in the industry and, of course, I like the products. You get a lot of clean products. As for the people, they are kind and friendly and they want to see you succeed." _Tom Molthen, Pepper Dog Specialty Foods, Apex, NC.

"It feels healthy, clean and nice. The market is moving toward natural and organic, so it also makes money and it's good for the environment." -Teruo Yamanaka, Marukome USA Inc. of Irvine, Calif., pictured with Sang Il Kim.

"It goes down to the purpose. There is obesity, health issues. The naturals industry brings a purpose to making people healthy. Twenty years from now our kids will know more and they will know how their food is manufactued. Right now, in general, America - is starting to, but - Americans don't really know what they are putting into their mouths." _Mike Runion, Mellace Family Brands, Carlsbad, Cailf., pictured with Mary Honer.

"I was focused on natural products because I think most customers are into prepactaged, but our products are freshly made and customers now want organic. Foods should be all natural, organic and gluten free and people don't care about the price, even, it just has to be good for you." _June Yang of Delice Globan, Moonachie, NY.

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