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Report Available on EU Infant Nutrition Market

In the EU, the infant nutrition industry is undergoing a shift as a result of various market forces. In the clinical nutrition segment, rising rates of premature birth are driving increased demand for products. In the baby milk segment, however, ongoing lobbying from industry groups and organizations promoting breast milk are constraining growth as some mothers decide to breast feed.

The baby food segment is unaffected by both of these trends and continues to expand with the introduction of new products, particularly those that focus on organic, healthy ingredients. This mirrors broader trends in other industries where consumer preferences are increasingly shifting towards natural, organic products. Several recent acquisitions have shifted the positions of the major infant nutrition players as larger companies expand their product portfolios.

It must be noted, however, that this report defines infant clinical nutrition as nutritional products used under the supervision (but not necessarily prescription) of a physician; therefore, forecasts may differ from some other infant clinical nutrition product estimates.

Key findings

• The overall EU infant nutrition market will expand by a strong 4.8% per year through 2013.
• Infant clinical nutrition will demonstrate the strongest growth, at 5.9% per year, on average, driven by rising rates of premature birth.
• New regulations restriction product claims and promotion of baby milk will inhibit growth, resulting in just 3.8% growth per year.
• New product introductions that incorporate new technologies and/or organic ingredients will support growth of baby foods, which will epxand by 5.1% per year through 2013.

Key features of this report

• Forecasts of the infant nutrition market by segment (clinical nutrition, baby milk, baby food) from 2008 to 2013.

• Sales and market shares of the leading players from 2008 to 2013 (estimated).

• Leading infant nutrition products by segment.

• Discussion of new infant nutrition products by segment.

Use this report to

• Understand the driving forces behind the growth of the European infant nutrition market.

• Save time and money with the report’s succinct compilation and analysis of current issues and trends.

• Learn how the infant nutrition market will evolve over the next several years and why.

• Assess your competitive position vis-à-vis other players in the infant nutrition market.


• What is driving growth of baby foods?
(New products, especially those containing organic and all natural ingredients)

• What will constrain greater growth of the baby food segment?
(A weak economy and consumers’ ability to make the products at home)

• What is driving growth of infant clinical nutrition?
(Rising rates of premature birth, insurance reimbursement, and parenteral clinical nutrition)

• What will constrain greater growth of infant clinical nutrition products?
(Limited new product introductions, low fertility rates)

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