Sarah Kaufmann, elete Athlete, Wins 24 Hours Vail Lake, Solo Female Category

OGDEN, UTAH (April 25, 2007)— Sarah Kaufmann, an elete-sponsored athlete and endurance mountain bike racer, won first place in the Solo Female category of the endurance mountain bike race, 5th Annual 24 Hours of Vail Lake April 21 & 22 in Temecula, CA.

“It was a really challenging course, and a race I really had to fight to win,” said Sarah Kaufmann. “I finished 16 laps, good for a new solo women's course record and would have been good for second of the five solo men. As usual, elete electrolytes™ kept me focused and kept my head in the race. A rip pack went into my hydration pack bladder every time it was filled, so I probably downed about 14-16 packs. Heat was never really an issue in this race, but, nonetheless, elete played a big role, as always.” Sarah’s final time was 11:10:40.

“We are so elated for Sarah and her second big win of the season in two prominent 24-hour ultra-marathon riding events,” said Val Anderson of elete. “Sarah is showing herself to be a real force to be reckoned with. As the 2007 season is now in full gear and temperatures begin to climb, elete electrolytes™ will continue to play a crucial role in keeping athletes hydrated and performing at their best. ”

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