ScalePassion Launches Founders Club

Executive coaching and online education firm ScalePassion has launched its exclusive Founders Club for “change-the-world” entrepreneurs™. This invite-only section of the ScalePassion site is designed as a beta test of ScalePassion’s new members-only forum and offers lifetime discounts to all who are chosen to participate.

Robert U Craven, ScalePassion founder and president, commented on the launch. “We've spent the last year working on Phase 1 of ScalePassion - posting great content in the form of blogs and e-interviews, ‘superstar entrepreneur’ videos and free live lessons on very specific tactical topics. We've also been building our stable of experts to provide great answers to real problems for 'change-the-world' entrepreneurs.

“We are now moving into Phase 2 of our efforts, which focuses on enlisting passionate leaders to join the ScalePassion Founders Club to help us evaluate our new members-only Forum technology. The Forum is an exciting new addition to ScalePassion where we envision entrepreneurs will come to get practical and tactical answers to real questions from "been there done that" experts in a safe and secure environment. “

The ScalePassion beta will also offer discounts on several upcoming online courses, including:

Growing with The ScalePassion Truisms 101: Laying a Great Foundation for Radical Growth!

The People Stuff 101: Laying the Foundation for Passionate Growth

Making the Numbers Work for You

As a thank you for their help, Founders Club participants receive lifetime discounts on all ScalePassion services. For more details visit

For more info:

Ellen Schutt —; 973-983-1830

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