ScienceBased Health Re-Formulates HydroEye

LAS VEGAS, Nov 10, 2006 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- AAO -- ScienceBased Health, a leading provider of premium nutraceuticals for eye health, today announced the launch of its next-generation HydroEye, a patented oral formulation for dry eye relief. HydroEye now provides the omega 3 fatty acids: EPA and DHA from the highest quality, USP-verified fish oil.
HydroEye has provided effective relief for dry eye discomfort with its proprietary blend of GLA from black currant seed oil and other nutrient co-factors. GLA, a special omega-6 fat, has been found to dampen inflammation, an underlying cause of dry eye, and quench dry eye symptoms. GLA is not found in flaxseed or fish oils and cannot be easily obtained from the diet. HydroEye has also been found to raise levels of lactoferrin, an indicator of ocular surface health, in patients about to undergo LASIK.
With the addition of omega-3 EPA and DHA from fish oil, next generation HydroEye now delivers a one-two punch in helping to fight chronic inflammation. Both GLA and EPA can be turned into anti-inflammatory compounds by the body. Further, when EPA/DHA and GLA are present in balanced amounts, EPA can help block the formation of other pro-inflammatory compounds.
"Ocular surface dryness initiates an inflammatory cascade by promoting production of cytokines and chemokines. Omega-3 fatty acids are well recognized to suppress the production of these factors. Next-generation HydroEye contains USP-verified fish oil that, together with GLA from black current seed, provides the optimum balance of long chain fatty acids to suppress the inflammatory response in dry eye," said Stephen P. Pflugfelder, MD, Director, Ocular Surface Center, Cullen Eye Institute at Baylor College of Medicine.
"HydroEye is very well-tolerated, and the vast majority of users continue as long-term users. Our practice has seen clear-cut clinical improvement in HydroEye users. The new, improved HydroEye with additional omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil will be useful in helping to treat a wide variety of ocular surface disorders," said John Sheppard, MD, MMSc, Professor of Ophthalmology & Microbiology and Clinical Director, T.R. Lee Center for Ocular Pharmacology and President, Virginia Eye Consultants.
HydroEye is now available for purchase for $29.95 (30-day supply) through eye care practitioners and directly from ScienceBased Health at: 888-433-4726 or .
About ScienceBased Health
ScienceBased Health develops and markets evidence-based nutraceuticals for eye health. The formulations, created by leading physicians, nutrition scientists and researchers, are based on the latest scientific research and recommended by several thousand ophthalmologists and optometrists. Featured formulations include: HydroEye(R), a patented, oral formulation for dry eye relief; OcularProtect(R), a comprehensive multinutrient for eyes and overall body health; MacularProtect Complete(R), based on AREDS and other advanced research, for macular and full body health; and Optic Nerve Formula(R), for optic nerve health. The products are made from premium ingredients and manufactured according to highest quality standards. For more information, contact ScienceBased Health at: 888-433-4726 or visit:

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