Shares of Hansen Fall as Convenience Sales Lag

Shares of Hansen Natural fell a staggering 15.2 percent, or $4.39, to $24.56 per share last week. 


The fall came after the company said convenience store sales were down. The company hosted a conference call for investors where it was noted that sales were softening based on traffic and sales trends.

"We think this is at least in part due to a weak U.S. macro environment," Citi analyst Gregory R. Badishkanian said. Some have speculated that customers are opting to go to bigger retail outlets where prices may be lower than convenience store prices.

Analysts declined to give any outlook on the company’s performance, so investors will have to wait until August to find out about the current quarter’s performance. Still, the sports/energy drink category remains a solid performer as sales increased nearly 17 percent in 2007, according to NBJ data.

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