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So Many Supplements Visionaries, So Little Space

To the Editor,
I want to congratulate you on The Natural Foods Merchandiser?s April article on the top 25 visionaries in the supplements industry (?25 Who Fortified Supplements?). I was honored to be included among such a wonderful group of individuals. As always, there are numerous others whose lives have been committed to bringing natural medicine to the forefront in American health care who could have been included. I could see a segment on those health professionals such as Jonathan Wright, Bernard Jensen, Allan Gaby, Larks Lands, Andrew Weil, Christine Northrup and Wayne Jonas; or retailers such as David Stouder who have truly been natural health resource centers for their communities; manufacturers who have led the way in improving quality control in this country such as John Carlson (Carlson Laboratories), Jarrow Rogovin (Jarrow Products), and Richard Scalzo (Gaia Herbs); or perhaps a selection of the attorneys who have, oftentimes with little remuneration, given of their time to defend access to natural medicines. Some such as Loren Israelsen and Scott Bass you have mentioned already; others such as Jonathan Emord, Milton Bass, Bob Ullman, Jim Turner, Tony Young and Steve McNamara to name a few, would be worthy of mention.

Too often those that lead the way are only acknowledged upon their passing. I hope you will continue to honor those who are deserving of it while it may bring a smile to their face.

—Roy Upton, Herbalist
Executive Director, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXV/number 6/p. 24

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