Solbar Unveils Corporate Rebranding

Solbar, a global producer of specialty soy proteins, has launched a corporate re-branding as an important complementary action in implementing its new strategy. The rebranding includes new corporate logo, new slogan and redesigning of Solbar's communications materials and catalogues. Solbar also has launched its new website (

"The re-branding is an integral part of the service enhancement transformation Solbar has been establishing for the last two years,” says Shaul Shelach, CEO of Solbar. “This strategic move is an ‘inside out’ process, as at the same time we’re engaging an internal reorganization of the company's focal point toward intensified customer service and increased innovation in the development of products with high functional characteristics.” Solbar moves closer to its customers by building an extensive infrastructure to provide high-level technical support across the spectrum of customer services. “We are willing to go the extra mile for our customers,” Shelach emphasizes. Solbar’s major market initiatives focus on: China, with its traditional meat market and growing beverage market as well as the health food category in the US market. Solbar also is providing unique solutions of Isolated Soy Protein (ISP) and continuing its growth in the European market.

The main pillars of Solbar's strategy include a focus on ISP (isolated soy protein) and extruded products for bar and beverage applications in addition to Solbar's traditional expertise in meat and meat-analogue applications. "The group invested substantial resources to successfully develop high-quality products for those markets and applications,” explains Shelach. “New products launches, such as calcium-fortified ISP for beverages and low-viscosity ISP for extruded snacks, are the best indications for this process. Market and business development follows and will maintain the reinforcement of this strategy".

"Our new logo expresses these new initiatives well—it’s simple, clean, modest and solid, yet at the same time it is also fresh, and modern,” adds Alex Shnaiderman, MarCom manager at Solbar. ”This new design represents our passionate and dynamic approach to bring new and healthier products to the market."

Solbar brand philosophy

Values - always quick nothing but soy 100% commitment attentive

Promise - We are the Soy people, going the extra mile to bring you Soy’s

natural treasures

About Solbar

Solbar Industries Ltd. is a global leader in specialty soy proteins and soy isoflavones, dedicated to supplying natural soy solutions to the food and nutritional markets. Solbar, a public company, traded on the Tel Aviv Exchange, has manufacturing sites in Israel and China.

Solbar manufacturers a wide range of soy protein concentrates and soy isolates for meat, vegetarian, health food, nutritional bar, snack and beverage applications. Solbar is a research-dedicated company focused on processing the soybean to produce products with improved functional properties that emphasize health benefits and bring economic value. The company meets the highest standards of quality assurance for its customers.

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