South Dakota State University Announces Dr. S.K. Dash as Adjunct Professor

South Dakota State University has appointed Dr. S.K. Dash as an Adjunct Professor of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. Dr. Dash has been instrumental in expanding the knowledge and furthering the research in the field of probiotics. As a probiotic pioneer, Dr. Dash has been responsible for many innovations in the field. At South Dakota State, he plans to work with the Head of Food Science and Nutrition and other faculty members to establish a strategy for new innovations and developments in probiotics. South Dakota State is in an excellent position to further the field with a strong knowledge base in Food Science, Nutrition, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Dr. Dash has many colleagues in industry, academia and medicine that may collaborate on furthering the understanding of probiotics and their benefit to human health, animal health and functional food products. Dr. Dash is an alumnus of South Dakota State University where he received his PhD in Nutrition, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

Growth of an Industry
When Dr. Dash left his position as Director of the Food and Drug Administration in South Dakota in 1979, probiotics was a small boutique business. With his support and guidance, the industry has grown to more than $10 billion worldwide. Prior to founding UAS Laboratories in 1979, Dr. Dash served as Chairman of the Probiotics Committee that developed the quality standard, CFU/gram, now used by probiotic companies around the world. In addition, he introduced the first non-Dairy probiotics, the first acid and bile resistant probiotics and was the first to combine probiotics with prebiotic FOS as a synbiotic.

About UAS Laboratories and DDS® Probiotics
UAS Laboratories, Inc. located at 9953 Valley View Rd, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA 55344 (, is the leading probiotic company established by Dr. S.K. Dash, the probiotic pioneer in 1979. UAS Labs provides DDS® Probiotic supplements to stores, and health professionals in the USA and other countries. It also provides private label probiotics and probiotic raw material. DDS® Probiotics are backed by over 40 years of University research, U.S. patent and trademark and are listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference. Dr. Dash, president of UAS Laboratories, is International Probiotic Association’s (IPA) Vice President and Scientific Advisor. Dr. Dash has received many national and international awards and honors for his pioneering work in probiotics including recognition as the Probiotic Prophet by Healthy Living Magazine and the 2009 Achievement Award in Science and Technology by the Minnesota India Association.

For more information Contact:
Connie Falkenstein, RD, MS, MPH
Director of Marketing/Education
[email protected]

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