SPL Raw Material Division Launch

Moab, UT. --Synergy Production Laboratories (SPL), a division of The Synergy Company™, recently launched a raw material division that offers exceptional, certified organic and kosher, truly natural ingredients not commonly found in our industry. SPL’s unique raw material offerings reflect the company’s commitment to and expertise in developing whole-food ingredients by utilizing proprietary technologies that ensure unsurpassed protection of all the highly beneficial active constituents found in these special foods. SPL’s exclusive offerings include Synergized Wheatgrass Juice Crystals™ (freeze dried), Synergized Sprouts™ (freeze dried), Synergized Herbs™ (freeze dried), Synergized Seed Meals™ (flax and sunflower), Synergized Mushrooms™, Synergized Algae™, Synergized Camu Camu™ (standardized to 20% natural vitamin C) and Bee Organic™ products (Active 10+ Manuka Honey™, bee pollen and beeswax).

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