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SportPharma® Attacks Low Carb Trend With Better Quality, Triple-Filtered Whey Protein Line; Naturade to Offer Health Food Retailers a Natural Choice

IRVINE, CA - 15 March 04 - Naturade, Inc., has introduced a complete line of sports nutrition powders made with whey protein that is both triple-filtered using a proprietary process and offers generally lower levels of carbohydrates down to three net carbs; these products will be offered to all classes of trade to provide fitness consumers a higher quality choice than is generally found in most stores.

Naturade is entering the category with SportPharma to build market share in the untapped health food store segment of the market. This segment has not been cracked by the Sports Nutrition powerhouses such as EAS and MetRx because those lines are formulated only with artificial sweeteners and flavors that are not acceptable to natural supermarkets such as Wild Oats and Whole Foods.

“We see huge potential in health food stores, natural supermarkets and natural store-within-a-store sets in mass supermarkets,” says Bill Stewart, Naturade CEO. “ This launch provides the health food trade that Naturade has served since 1926 with the opportunity to capture new customers with a serious sports nutrition line that meets their more rigid ingredient requirements.”

The new SportPharma® line offers increased potential by addressing the 60 million “fitness- active” consumers identified by Copernican Associates, rather than the narrow traditional market of body builders and elite athletes. Nutrition Business Journal estimates Sports Nutrition Powders as a $1.6 billion category.

The line includes a whey protein shake with 22 grams of protein per serving, a meal replacement powder with 42 grams of protein, a gainer with 56 grams of protein and a super premium isolate that contains 100% pure whey protein isolate with no lactose. The purity of the protein is important to those who exercise regularly and want to avoid bloating and cramps. These four product types will be available in a range of sizes from one-pound cans to six-pound jars. Each store will also be able to carry products that are sweetened with their choice of fructose or sucralose.

The Whey Protein Shake and the Lactose Free Isolate powders will have special appeal to the 59 million men and women in the U.S. who are controlling carbohydrate intake. Respectively they offer only three and four net carbs, even in the fructose-sweetened formulations.

Triple-filtering of the protein in the entire line of products is what sets this line apart. The proprietary process used by SportPharma® actually grew out of membrane technology first developed over 30 years ago to create whey-based infant formulas. The membrane technology is used today to meet the stringent quality standards of medical foods. Triple filtering not only retains the full spectrum of whey peptides and protein fractions, but it eliminates the undesirable elements such as lactose or fat.
“The purer the whey, the better the taste,” says Stewart. “We challenge the competition to a taste test. We’re confident that consumers will choose our naturally sweetened products over other all-natural sports powders hands down. Our sucralose sweetened formulas taste even better.”

SportPharma backs up its claims of better quality and better taste with a money-back guarantee. This mail-in offer requires no handling by the retailer, unlike some competitors whose labels direct consumers to return the product to the store.

Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Naturade provides healthy solutions for weight loss consistent with its commitment - since 1926 - to improve the health and well-being of consumers, with innovative, natural products. Its premier product, Naturade Total Soy®, is a complete line of ready-to-drink meal replacement products for weight loss and cholesterol reduction, which is sold at major supermarket and club, health food, drug and mass merchandise stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Well-known for over 50 years of leadership in Soy Protein, Naturade also markets a complete line of protein boosters for low carbohydrate dieters. The company recently expanded its weight loss offerings with a new line including products for low-carb dieters under the name Diet Lean™. Naturade’s other products include Calcium Shake™, Naturade Total Soy Menopause Relief™, Power Shake®, Quick Fizz™ and Aloe Vera 80®. For more information, visit

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