The Starbucks Diet

The Starbucks Diet

Woman drops 76 pounds eating almost exclusively at Starbucks.

Christine Hall, a librarian from Virginia, lost 76 pounds over two years by eating almost exclusively at Starbucks. Oatmeal, coffee, fruit, cheese, paninis and well labeled calorie counts for each of the aforementioned items fueled her 2 pounds a week weight loss.  Snarky feel good story of the year, right? Maybe not. Diet experts suggest a lack of dietary variety may lead to malnutrition here.

Still, what’s not to love about these weight-loss stories.  Remember the nutrition professor who went on the Twinkie Diet and lost 27 pounds? Warning, results may be atypical, right?  How different are these stories to the late-night infomercials the Federal Trade Commission is forever trying to crack down  on that promise miracle cures and/or weight-loss by taking their supplement products. 

The silver lining here is her journey started because she was rejected as a kidney donor because of her weight.  For good reasons, she made changes. It’s not hard to feel happy for Christine, but the story proves there are many solutions and opportunities for health and wellness all around us. For extreme changes, the responsibility lies with the individual to make change….even if surrounded by 700 calorie Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas.

For more information, check out this article.

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