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Study finds antioxidant activity in brown seaweed extract

Study finds antioxidant activity in brown seaweed extract
innoVactiv will present results from a new study on its non-GMO, organic-certified brown seaweed extract, InSea2, at Engredea.

innoVactiv, a Canadian company dedicated to the development of science-based specialty ingredients, announces new study results demonstrating for the first time the superior potency of InSea2 against free radicals. Full study results will be disclosed at the upcoming Engredea tradeshow (Booth # 764).

InSea2 is a non-GMO, organic-certified brown seaweed extract that is well-established for its best-in-class ability to optimize post-meal carbohydrate absorption and assimilation. Since it contains mostly phlorotannins, a polyphenol found exclusively in brown seaweeds, InSea2 was always expected to show antioxidant benefits. “Free radicals are a driving force behind aging processes and their production is stimulated when blood glucose and insulin levels are high, such as after a meal. Our new study found that not only InSea2 phlorotannins exerts protective action against free radicals, but they are also among the most potent antioxidants available to the dietary supplement industry, outperforming well-known antioxidants such as green tea, blueberry, cranberry and grape seed extracts,” said Jocelyn Bérubé, executive and scientific director at innoVactiv.

“These results come as the area of seaweed research is boiling up with exciting new studies. Earlier this month, a new research from Corona et al. published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed for the first time how phlorotannins from brown seaweeds are digested, absorbed and metabolized. The research team also found that a single 100 mg dose of seaweed phlorotannins was sufficient to induce anti-inflammatory effects,” continued Mr. Bérubé.

“We are thrilled by what our findings and those from academia are suggesting. This means that InSea2 can reduce oxidative stress not only through its clinically demonstrated optimizing action on blood sugar, but also by acting itself as a source of high potency antioxidants with demonstrated bioavailability. This offers an extended range of health applications for InSea2 beyond carb optimization such as heart and circulatory health, eye health, skin health and much more," said Patrice Dionne, CEO of innoVactiv.

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