Study Indicates Cold Sore Healing Time and Severity of Symptoms Reduced With Super Lysine+ Topical Ointment

March 10, 2004, Los Angeles, CA: Cold sore sufferers using Super Lysine+® topical ointment healed more quickly and experienced significantly reduced symptoms according to a study from Southern California University of Health Sciences.

“The formula reduced the duration of cold sore symptoms by 50% or more when compared to untreated cold sore data. said Betsy Singh, PhD, the University’s Dean of Research. The median healing time was 4.0 days - 1/2 to 1 full day shorter than in the studies on the leading prescription and OTC brands which cost 3 to 5 times more.

The study results were presented by Dr. Singh and her colleagues in January at the Scripps Institute for Integrative Medicine conference titled Natural Supplements in Evidence-Based Practice: A Clinical and Research Update. The meeting was co-hosted by University of California San Diego Continuing Medical Education. The study was co-authored by Jay Udani, MD, Medical Director of the Integrative Medicine Program at Northridge Hospital, Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA / Geffen School of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Research at SCU.

The study, Safety and Effectiveness of a Lysine Based Product on the Treatment of Facial and Circumoral Herpes, also showed that within three days, the formula either completely eliminated or dramatically reduced cold sore symptoms, including tingling, burning, itching, tenderness, prickling, soreness and blistering. No adverse effects were reported.

The formula is marketed under brand names including LIP CLEAR® Lysine+ and Super Lysine+®. The formula includes a proprietary blend of L-Lysine, natural zinc oxide, Vitamins A, D and E, extracts of goldenseal, propolis, calendula, echinacea; cajeput and tea tree oil, and gum benzoin tincture, honey and lithium carbonate in a base of olive oil and yellow beeswax.

The Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine is a part of the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, La Jolla, California.

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