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Inside the Bottle

Supplement industry news and updates - August 2019

Supplement industry news and updates - August 2019
Inside the Bottle brings you the latest supplement industry news in this monthly roundup.


Why so many media outlets get supplement studies wrong

There is a lot of confusion around nutrition and supplements, and much of it is a result of misinterpreted or misconstrued science. Here, Inside the Bottle breaks down the dos and don’ts of understanding nutrition research. The goal? A more informed marketplace.

4 shifts in consumer behavior guiding supplement sales

Consumers may have lost control during the recession, but according to a new NMI report, they’re getting it back by demanding more from the products they buy. Check out this breakdown of what they’re looking for and how the supplement industry can meet these evolving needs.

Supply chain transparency is complicated. Here’s what it really means.

The topic of transparency is relevant to a range of companies and industries, but what does it actually mean? The Harvard Business Review recently took a look at steps that can help us get closer to being transparent. Which do you think are most relevant to the supplement industry?

Takeaways about heavy metal testing from the recent Rainbow Light lawsuit

Supplement brand Rainbow Light came under fire for making claims of having no detectable amounts of heavy metals. The class action lawsuit and settlement alleged that the company falsely advertised its products. While Rainbow Light attributes the traces of heavy metals to plant- and mineral-based ingredients, it has still agreed to new testing procedures. What can the industry learn from this recent case?