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Inside the Bottle

Supplement industry news and updates – January 2020

Supplement industry news and updates – January 2020
Inside the Bottle brings you the latest supplement industry news in this monthly roundup.

Personalized nutrition: What I learned from dozens of tests and reports

Tom Aarts is on a journey to know his body and its nutrient needs through a series of tests and reports. In this piece for Nutrition Business Journal's Personalized Nutrition issue, Aarts shares what he's learned and what he still wants to find out.

Amplify your prenatal supplement sales with this up-and-coming ingredient

Choline is a cousin to the B vitamins and the precursor to phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is a primary brick-and-mortar of cell walls. It’s also a key building block of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps the brain communicate everywhere in the body. Nobody is getting enough choline from food alone – and pregnant women are especially easy customers in the supplement aisle. Read more at

Enhancing children’s health for life

No generation of children in history have ever faced or were exposed to so many environmental stressors, obstacles, toxins or hazardous materials from both the environment, speed of life, and the typical dietary foods of today. In this day and age, all parents can benefit from the following knowledge, understanding and insights to help ensure the health, wealth and full development of your child’s life.

OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation is expanding

Inside the Bottle partner OmniActive is improving lives around the world through eye camps, corrective surgery, glasses and much more. It actively promotes the sustainability of rural farming communities rather than just the environmental aspects of harvesting ingredients and raw materials. Watch the video here.

Inside the Bottle unites companies from across the supplement supply chain to advocate for a transparent, collaborative supplement industry that supports consumer health empowerment.