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Inside the Bottle

Supplement industry news and updates – May 2020

Supplement industry news and updates – May 2020
Inside the Bottle brings you the latest supplement industry news in this monthly roundup.

Supplement industry must self-police as demand soars, FDA retreats

Driven by COVID-19 and related concerns about immunity, sales of dietary supplements are spiking just as the FDA announced it would be curtailing facility inspections. Council for Responsible Nutrition President Steve Mister says the need for the industry to act responsibly has never been higher. Read more at

OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation joins the fight against COVID-19

As the fight against COVID-19 continues, OmniActive’s Improving Lives Foundation has dedicated its efforts to support those who have stepped up to serve our communities. It has deployed key initiatives to deliver solutions for various rising needs as well as provide relief for those who are most vulnerable. Read more at the OmniActive blog.

Deemed 'essential' part of healthcare in wake of pandemic, dietary supplements have a shot at credibility

Listed alongside pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, dietary supplements are classified as "healthcare." But can the industry live up to the opportunity? Read more at

Supply chain commitments pave the road to supplement quality and transparency – eGuide

Quality means connecting all of the dots between communications and transparency in sourcing and processing, stewardship and sustainability practices, scientific rigor, testing and compliance. This report aims to provide the powerfully positive narrative behind the quality dietary supplements industry, affirming the best practices, and defining weakness and opportunities. Download the report at