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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Supplement News Briefs

ABC acquires HerbMed
The Austin, Texas-based American Botanical Council is now the proud owner of the herbal database Herbmed as well as its professional version HerbMedPro. Available through subscription and on a daily basis, HerbMedPro is a database of 211 herbs. A summary is given for each botanical that includes all publicly available studies on the herb along with links to abstracts on PubMed. ABC said it will focus not just on maintaining the site, but also on expanding the database of herbs and creating content for condition-specific health issues and healing modalities. HerbMed is available free to the public, so curious consumers can be directed to

Conventional supps market to Rx users
Conventional nutritional-supplements manufacturer Nature Made is selling supplements products tailored for prescription-drug users. The Mission Hills, Calif.-based company's RxEssentials line targets nutritional deficiencies caused by prescription drugs for six common health conditions including acid reflux/ heartburn medications, antidepressants, diabetes and high cholesterol. On the product packages, several of the prescription brands are listed in a highlighted box that says "take with." The company created the line in response to research demonstrating that many prescription medications deplete the body of vital nutrients. For example, the product for heartburn/reflux medications users contains B vitamins and folic acid which are depleted with regular use.

Global herb market poised for growth
The world herbal-supplements and -remedies market will reach $22.9 billion by 2010, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc. The growth is in response to consumers wary of chemical and synthetic ingredients, a rise in self-medication and more confidence about the safety and efficacy of herbs, the San Jose, Calif.-based company says. Dominating the world market are the United States and Europe followed by the quickly growing markets of Pacific Asia and Latin America, according to the report. Multi-herb blends and novel products designed to treat specific health conditions are expected to attract more consumers to herbs, the report said. —A.S.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXIX/number 4/p. 26,28

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