Surya Henna Introduces Five New Hair Colors to its Henna Cream Line

Woodside, New York (March 17, 2004) Surya Nature, Inc. announces 5 new hair colors in its all natural line of hair products for coloring and treating the hair. The new colors include mahogany, burgundy, chocolate, copper and light blonde. Surya Henna Cream is a semi-permanent hair color that effectively covers gray but does not contain ammonia, peroxide, heavy metals, PPD, resorcinol and parabens – ingredients which have been known to cause irritation and allergy in some consumers. According to President and Founder, Clelia Angelon, “What we are offering is a gentle way to color the hair. Products that use harsh dyes can destroy or damage the cuticle. Surya dyes cover the hair lightly and wash out after 10 to 20 shampoos.” To these formulas, the company adds over 15 herbals from India and the Brazilian Amazon. Adds Clelia, “Henna, amla, mallow, acai, jua, carrot and brazil nut are just a few of the wonderful plants that are used to revitalize, moisturize and deep condition the hair while coloring. This ensures healthy, protected hair.”

Acting on a growing concern about the effects of strong chemical hair colors on the body especially for pregnant women, Surya Nature has created a natural, high quality alternative for those women who want to color their hair. In addition to the Surya Henna Cream line, the company also offers Surya Henna Powder which is a 100% plant product using henna along with other luxurious botanicals for coloring and conditioning.

Surya Nature is the U.S. branch of the Vedic Hindus Company, which has been operating successfully in Brazil for the last 25 years supplying cosmetics founded on a vision of internal beauty. As part of its mission, Surya Nature embraces the Ayurvedic principle: Know how to live in harmony with nature and oneself using elements that do not harm the body. All Surya Henna formulas use henna that is grown on an exclusive plantation in India under strict quality control. In addition, the company uses advanced European technology to manufacture products that both color and treat the hair. Surya Henna products are available at health food stores and beauty supply outlets throughout the United States.


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