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Take 5: Thank you, retailers | What's trending | Thank you, Corinne Shindelar

Article-Take 5: Thank you, retailers | What's trending | Thank you, Corinne Shindelar

In this age of coronavirus and social distancing, retailers are proving to be vital to communities—but that's not all that's happening in the natural products world right now.

Great gratitude to you

You and your staffs have shown just how important you are to your communities and our nation. Unfortunately, it often takes incomprehensible circumstances for Americans to see and appreciate the seemingly mundane of day-to-day life. As the calendar turns toward more normal times (dare we even use such a term?), may we not turn back on the experience. May our communities appreciate the lengths natural products retailers go to, to bring natural health to them every day of the year. And may the industry salute you, the retailer, who connects people and product with passion day in and day out.

Products and trends galore

The unprecedented cancelation of Natural Products Expo West (in conjunction with a global pandemic) left many brands wondering how they would show their products to retailers. We’ve got several answers for that. While we have rounded up information about what products didn't make it to the show floor, we've also been covering trends and launches galore. And there’s always Natural Products Expo Connect, where you can find products that brands are featuring on the show floor and off.

Gluten free gets a new seal

To meet international trademark regulation, the Gluten Intolerance Group in March unveiled a new Gluten-Free Certification Organization mark. Out is the old circle around the letters “GF.” The new seal is green and blue and includes a website address for more info. “The new GFCO mark is intentionally designed to stand out from other gluten-free symbols to ensure products secure consumer trust,” says Chief Operating Officer Channon Quinn.

Claims consumers want

The average supermarket shopper seeks about six front-of-package claims when purchasing a food product, according to FMI’s recent report, “The Power of Health and Well-Being in Food Retail.” Consumers are looking for claims related to minimal processes and ethical practices, as well as better health: certified organic; fair trade, not bioengineered; gluten free; grass fed; certified humane; and low(ers) cholesterol. Consumers seek this info on the package and through store signage, too.

Thank you, Corinne

Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) founder and President/CEO Corinne Shindelar stepped down from her role—one she held for 15 years—on March 1. She built community and collaboration among retailers that makes the whole industry stronger. Thank you, Corinne, for your service to our brick-and-mortar retailers. Reflect with her on the last decade and a half.

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